Reviews for Avengers: Infinity War ( 2018 ) 1080p

Not a very good movie

By: Birkoff Himura
The main reason i'm giving this movie 1/10 is because this one doesn't deserve the current rating that it has(at the moment of writing this is 8.6, I would refer to other current movie ratings at the moment of writing this review). A rating of 8.6 means that this movie is as good as The matrix(8.7), Saving private Ryan(8.6), Memento(8.5), Interstellar(8.6) and also that it is better than Mr. Nobody(7.9) and Synecdoche, New York(7.5), etc.

This is the result of a movie with lots of fans who don't have any idea how to rate a movie and usually haven't seen much. at the most I would give this movie a 5.3, it is not so bad and it's enjoyable not memorable. Too many jokes and this is not a comedy, it doesn't seem to have a script not giving a chance for the actors to actually act.

In the movie they combine cinematography of some of the other movies related to this franchise, so in some instances the quality drops really low to the point you feel as if you're watching a really bad TV series, most CG effects are on point and sometimes not(the hulk buster).

I personally don't understand who would give a score of 10/10 or 9/10 so easily to a movie no one will remember next year.

Flaming hot garbage

By: jjrstech
A bloated smorgasbord of uninteresting protagonists (save Iron Man) fighting an oaf with magic crystals. Not to mention, an overzealous color pallete and use of CGI that left me longing to stare into a dark, bottomless pit for hours. The obligatory Marvel laugh lines were embarrassingly stale, though inexplicably humorous to the audience. From the cheap moments of social awkwardness or the annoying insecurity of Quill vis a vis Thor, I found myself constantly groaning. I say all this recognizing Justice League was also hot garbage, but at least a few of the characters were interesting. Oh how I miss those halcyon days of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy - where the drama prevailed and the characters were worth caring for. Batman v. Superman had it's flaws (Martha!) but at least it's got heart! I found myself checking my watch less than an hour into Infinity War. This crossover was indeed too ambitious.

Ho Hum!!

By: damonlaycox
Typical CGI movie. No acting! The plot does not allow for acting. Too bad! A lot of good actors in this movie. Use them and quit focusing on CGI!!

Excellent Film

By: kevintgeisler
I was amazed to see so many negative reviews; so many people are impossible to please. This movie was 2 1/2 hours long, but I could have sat there another 2 1/2 hours and not noticed. Thoroughly entertaining, and I love how the directors weren't afraid to take chances. I've read a lot of other user reviews that claim that there's no plot. Unless you're mentally handicapped or not paying attention because you're on your phone the entire movie, the plot is pretty clear, and decent in my opinion.


By: karen-yourdeath-78384
Imagine yourself being one of the characters. Can you see the logic? Can you feel the motivation of both protagonists and villains? How would you feel about the Avengers' choices and dialogs? No? No! Just no... No effort implemented in making of this rubbish. Defying physics and common sense, defying background story that was building up for 10 years. A bunch of ppl runnung around having fun, looked like a party movie.

It was like a potpourri: we've recently seen every scene in a bunch of another super hero movies. Even the final sequence is similar to X-men. All those "professional critics" who write these prepaid positive reviews for yet another Disney's garbage should be ashamed of themselves. Is there nothing saint left in the world? The most hyped and messy movie of our time.

Was Thanos making a party machine all this time? Cause random (not. check hero rating) people are getting turned into confetti with expensive and safe explosions on the green screen - very underwhelming and lame.

A piece of pure crap.

By: dmataylor-43810
This movie is a piece of crap, just like every other marvel movie of 2017-2018. The storyline is bad, the acting sucks, the jokes are stupid. Thanos is the worst villian ever; his acting and personality in the film is pathetic. This movie is a waste, not a classic.

Hard to score due to lack of story

By: yuyu-flakis
Producers focused so much on visual effects and getting all the 'stars', that they forgot the important thing; the plot. Almost three unnecessary hours to get to an ending of a 'story' that stayed just as it started.

Again a fight, but bigger

By: BiiivAL
I went and looked, and I want to express my thoughts.

I went to this film with very high expectations, with a sense of something. I went to him twice, the first time, myself, and the second with the family, and I was even surprised that my mother, sister and dad (who do not understand this movie at all) brought unreal pleasure and an ocean of emotions.

Each frame, each scene does not let you get bored, from the Marvel logo, and to the stage after the credits. Favorite heroes once again experienced side by side and you feel it, you are completely absorbed in a hurricane of events and you are watching it in one breath. In comparison with the War of Infinity, even the Confrontation looks like an ordinary fight in the sandbox.

Uuuu, and the villain, the best as for me the best in this kirovoveselennoy, he is not just a bot at once, without motivation, no, it's just the opposite. I liked Thanos so much that you do not want to, and he began to impress me, in terms of his convictions (I had it only once, with Joker Heath Ledger). He has feelings, he makes choices, he's alive.

Tense scenes are beautiful, in one moment I still let off a meager male tear (and this happens to me very, very rarely). What about the humor, the jokes are correct for me, and they do not bother you like Thor: Ragnarok, although in the beginning they look a little tight. Well, the action, it is very high-quality, and in comparison with the Black Panther is generally ideal.

And of course the film can not be without punctures. The lack of predictability of some story lines, and a couple of moments that were very predictable, but they are fade against the background of all this scale.

Yes, you will not find anything in this film about something, something, but, what, what, what, steep humor. Thanks to Marvel and of course the Rousseau brothers, the beautiful actors and the wonderful movie that I've been waiting for for 3 years.

Out of 10, I give the War of Infinity 9.

Don't waste your money on such a movie.

By: baubakb
The movie sucks! I almost left the theatre half through the show. This is not Marvel, this is junk!

What's wrong with people???? Really a 1 rating? Get off your high horse.

By: basil_balla_cantu
As I'm reading through all these 1 rated reviews I can't help but wonder.....what are you morons looking for? This is a super hero movie? What are you expecting? Oscar worthy movies? If you hate super hero movies and can't takenot seriously then just be honest in your post. Just say I hate super hero movies and I'm going to make sure people know I think this movie sucks. We know big guy, mommy didn't love you enough and show you enough attention. That is why you had to write a bad review on IMDB. This is my first ever review on iMDB and I have to say I love this app. I'm on this app more than ESPN and Instagram. I love reading the debates that go on during reviews. If a review wasn't helpful, I click unhelpful. Lately I've been finding myself doing that more with Infinity War. I'm not going to lie. I'm a fanboy. I grew up with Marvel and DC and I admit, I loved DC more.

Marvel lacked the characters and story that I was looking for. I'm a sucker for super hero movies, but I'm also super hero movies biggest critic. I'm your biggest critic as well. I have this movie a 9. It was hard. I hardly ever give 9s on IMDB. I really wish there was a .5 option on IMDB because sometimes movies are so hard to rate. There are movies that I know are a solid 7.5 and not an 8. But I know if I put a 7 it doesn't get the respect it deserves.

So when I scrolling through the comments seeing all these 1's. I'm generally concerned. What in your mind makes up a good movie? Really I want to know? Are you a chick flick kind of person? Rom Com? Drama? Horror? If so please, stick to your genre. For the love of all that is movies. Get off your freakin high horse and just enjoy the movie for what it is, that's an amazing action movie. I bet you cannot look me in the eyes and tell me there was one scene in this movie that you weren't impressed with. If so this movie deserves better then a 1. If you can look me in the eyes and tell me that you weren't enjoyed by one scene, then bravo to you my friend. I personally will buy you a beer if you drink and hope you can enjoy that because there must be nothing on this earth that can please you. Thank you for listening to my rant. Avengers was a solid 8.8 in my eyes and I loved every minute of it. Since IMDB doesn't let you rate by a .5 system I had to round up, and it was a well deserving round up.

Save your time and your money; it's a real downer

By: attila-698-252301
I wish I could have my 2.5 hours back. The film was over-long and packed with way too much violence for what it delivered as entertainment. It also spent too much time focusing on the villain and his rationalizations for genocide. I found myself wondering if such indulgences would seem inappropriate to dwell on for a real mass murderer like Rudolf Hoess, why is it appropriate dramatically for Thanos? Answer: It's not.

This film was easily the worst Marvel film I've seen.

What an Awful Movie.

By: sukhpreet-96015
This movie is such a disappointment that I don't know where to start:1) Lack of story line2) Disorienting camera work in fight scenes 3) Zero amusing/comical value scenes

This movie doesn't give you anything to keep you engaged.I fell asleep 3 times during the movie and couldn't wait to get out the show.I have thoroughly enjoyed other Avengers movies and Thor Ragnarok recently.This has just been the worst Marvel movie to date.

Only thing going for it is that you can see all the Marvel superhero characters at once.

CGI drivel disguised as something epic

By: idaustin
In order to explain current mass appeal, I have to quote Senator Gracchus in Gladiator: "Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted."

And that's what this is, conjured magic meant to distract the masses, and by gosh, that's what it's done. No real plot. Overlapping storylines that go nowhere, computer animated trash, and that's the point. Give the masses what they want, come up with the formula, spend $350 to develop, and presto, $2b in receipts from the mob, who can't distinguish between art and trash. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Absolute pants

By: johnochrisp
SPOILER: I have tried to write this review 3 times unfortunately every time there is a problem!!!!!So instead of an in depth review all I can say is this is just not funny and the story line incorporating so many characters (heroes) is confusing and just pants particularly when 50%of said heroes die... all good for a sequel but crap story guys.Seriously unfunny unlike Deadpool 2 which was awesome.To conclude unless you are going to do a lot better than this storyline don't bother with the sequel because no one will be interested..

Too simplistic!

By: sergew
I'm tired of the comic based movie genre which further signals the death of original scripts and content. Don't get me wrong, originality alone does not make a good story. This movie continues to try squeeze water from a rock and I leave wanting so much more. The movie was much too long and especially the fight scenes. As in the old Wendy's commercial, "Where is the beef?", or in my case a good story and characters I care about.

Avengers a flutter

By: dennis denzelq
Marvels studios Avengers: Infinity War certainly lives up to the hype it generates.Now take a slow peek beneath the 'hype' and what do you find?You will see a repeat of what previous MCU chain movies offered:Slick action and stunning visuals.The producers know this mix works very well at the box office and so it comes to no surprise they apply this same formula again here.

Supposedly the culmination of previous MCU movies, Avengers: Infinity War is where superheroes gather to prevent the main villain Thanos from acquiring a set of supernatural stones in order to become the most powerful being in the entire universe and beyond.

With a disjointed plot, mediocre story line and poor character development for the main villain, Avengers: Infinity War falls below expectation as a standalone movie.The story line totally fails in building up the viewer's eagerness for their superheroes to give Thanos a good thrashing.(The exception maybe fanboy's for Bruce Banner)The supers are made to look as if they are a bumbling bunch, caring more for their kin than saving the entire universe. On the opposing side, Thanos is a grey brooding being waiting a chance to tell his (or it's) dull life story....yawn.Thano's screen presence doesn't invoke anything out of the viewer's emotions. No fear, anger or even sympathy; Nothing!

Towards the end of the movie I thought it would have been just super if Dr. Strange opened up a portal from the 'other' alternate superhero universe for the man of steel to come and beat Thanos out of his boring stone hunting life.

As of previous MCU movies, nutty one liners are a prerequisite and here in one glaring instance the scriptwriters stooped low for this.

Is Avengers: Infinity war a great movie?Opinions differ on opposite ends and with respect to that, let me say that Avengers: Infinity war is not great and not even good a movie.

Parents (If family values are high on your list) with young kids wanting to see this, be aware that Avengers: Infinity War has a dark underlying theme.

2 stars, one for Tom Holland and the other for Tom Vaughan-Lawlor.

Not worth it

By: njg-66077
Lots of spectacle, clever banter & special effects. Lousy ending. It's really just a trailer for the sequel. I wasted my money.

I had to leave the movie

By: dancavallari
I left about half way through the movie. Lots of stabbing and banging sounds. If that is your thing you will like it otherwise a lot of mediocre animated action with little substance.

Sad that so much was wasted on nothing

By: digitalbeachbum
I collected the comics when I was a kid, for twenty years, and seeing these movies is a bit of a downer. Sure the action is good and the CG is mostly great, but the story is nothing like the comics I collected. There are too many jokes. Too much humor. Too many characters that don't need to be there and where not there originally.

I sat through the movie and enjoyed it for what it was, a visual fun fest. The story lacked depth. Thanos's desire to have all the stones and to destroy 50% of life was terrible because the real story wasn't told. The story they showed was a lie for the purpose of doing a cash grab.

Again, for action it was awesome. It is fast paced and there is very little slow time in the movie. It is the script I didn't like.

Sigh. I think I'll just stop watching movies. I think they, Hollywood, has forgotten how to make them great.


By: peppy-ten0
Is the movie worth watching? Yes. Is it deserving of a 8.9? No. It is a good movie?Sure. Are there plot holes/issues? Yes. What percentage of the film is CGI? 90%. Would I pay $20 to see it in theatres again? No. Would I buy it in an $5 Walmart Bin? Probably Not. Would I watch it again? Yes