Reviews for The First Purge ( 2018 ) 720p

Here the action is better than the horror n that skeletor character is downright insane n creepy.

By: Fella_shibby
As a fan of the franchise I enjoyed this film. Well, it is better than Purge anarchy n purge election day but was lacking in tension and suspense which was present in the first two parts.A horror thriller without good music is empty n music is lacking in this installment. Nevertheless, a good one time watch for fans of the franchise.


By: sandraorlando63
Never wrote a review on a movie, but i will with this one. Terrible plot, rushed, using race as a division of good and evil, of course white people are evil and black people are thugs. It's terrible, terrible, terrible. Ruined the purge series, won't watch series again

One of the Worst of All Time

By: Linux_Camel_41
The series has taken a substantial nosedive, and that is considering the series isn't all that great. I am not being the least bit dramatic when I say this may be one of the worst three movies I have ever seen of all time.

So far the worst movie of the summer

By: kaefab
This movie was useless, and made to milk the cow once more.

So they did 3 movies so far, why not make a prequel and show how this whole disaster started....

Not sure how this movie got a 5.3 rating with all the real ratings not fakes ones rate it 1.

Avoid at all costs, really really bad

By: snaxxx
Biggest pile of crap I have seen in a long time, a story that add virtually nothing to the series, characters that are so utterly ridiculous, unbelievable and idiotic, it is really hard to not laugh out of pity (i.e. not at the moments the director intended to). forced crappy PC and completely unnecessary russophobia add to the miserable outcome.

This was lame. Not A Horror Movie.

By: MickandRorty
Zero scares. This movie is just a bad social commentary that holds no weight. Not one redeeming quality that I could conjure up. It is a bad social commentary about how terrible the right wing group is in this country. As an independent voter, that doesn't offend me, but it gets old. It feels so preachy, like Hollywood knows how it really is, and the rest of us are living in the clouds (oh please...).

The irony is how discriminate this film is, yet attempts to be the opposite. It doesn't work. You cannot preach about how bad grouping entire classes of people into one category is, as you literally stereotype every single right-winged conservative in this country as a racist nut job.


Wow. That's all I can think to say

By: sage-93879
Racist, that's what this film is every white person in the film is bad. Or a killer every black rich poor drug dealer is stand up. I'm sorry I'm not racist but I felt horrible watching this film. Don't waste a penny on this hate film. Sad I think it could have been a great film

Absolute Garbage.

By: matthewkushner35
My expectations going into be movie were impeccably low, however, apparently, they were not low enough. Do not go into this movie expecting a thorough back story to the beginnings of the purge. Instead, expect a very short glimpse of the beginnings, which is followed by simply another purge movie, that is just worse. I debated leaving halfway through, but I remembered I payed 6 dollars to watch it, and I went with 2 other people. Please save your money, and don't go or rent this trash.

Nothing going for it; dreadful

By: danalex-66545
Honestly the film was absolute rubbish. Stereotypical characters. No humour. Terrible action. Atrocious acting. Regressive political messages shoved in your face throughout, eg: EVERY 'bad' or 'evil' character being white - often shown with nazi-esque uniform, KKK uniform, black-face w/ red lips versus the 'good' black gangsters in "the hood."

Don't waste your money or your time. Regularly go to the cinema and this is the first time I've felt inclined to sign up on IMDB specifically to review/comment.

Blaxploitation 2.0

By: manresa314
OMG! The Purge series has outdone itself. A plummet from grace, far worse than the Saw series nosedive in half the amount of time. Apparently, we are doing so bad in the Black community that we have to turn to the Crips and the Bloods as our savior against the man. I was literally sitting in the theater ashamed. Pure filth. A hot, SILLY, ghetto mess.

Just not good...

By: uphere
This movie is just not tries way too hard to tell a message that the film itself doesn't follow.

Worst movie in the set by far

By: pixieelf-99527
Unbelievably bad. Zero character development, predictable outcomes from the moment the movie starts. Avoid.

Blaxploitation 2.0

By: Ali West
OMG! The Purge series has outdone itself. A plummet from grace, far worse than the Saw series nosedive in half the amount of time. Apparently, we are doing so bad in the Black community that we have to turn to the Crips and the Bloods as our savior against the man. I was literally sitting in the theater ashamed. Pure filth. A hot, SILLY, ghetto mess.

First film I've ever walked out on.

By: Mansel
What a terrible race-bating waste of time. If you are a die hard liberal, Majority hating person you may like this, but terrible acting, terrible storyline, and terrible politics ruins this movie. What a shame.

Divisive Propaganda

By: SpaceMonkey-Mafioso
The obvious bias of this film makes the church scene from the third movie seem practically subtle. There are no surprises. Everyone is a stereotype in this movie. Anti-gun, yet revels in slaughter and bloodshed. If it were exploitative and campy, this thing might have been fun. But it takes itself soooooo seriously. I think the filmmakers really believe the purge is something that might actually happen in real life, as though they were warning the world about climate change or nuclear war. And, of course, they had to open their movie again on July 4th to make their obvious point even more obvious: don't celebrate that sham of an American holiday, come watch our hated-filled gore-fest instead. Such propaganda. Such garbage.

Original Fan from day- NO MORE

By: jonezee-70331
This is the absolute worst Purge - I have seen them (1-3) 20 times-

I wanted to leave the theater 1/2 way through- but the $12 ticket cost made us suffer through- Save your money and wait til its on on channel 4

Stupid PlotBad Acting

Political Idiocracy

By: westkwalex
If you're looking for a movie jam-packed with bias political propaganda, look no further. If you're looking for a movie with a plot, well developed characters, an actual though out sequence, and yet another movie directed by Tyler Perry, you should keep on looking.

Movies are supposed to bring people together despite differences, not fester innacurate depictions of what's already happened/happening in real life. Polically charged movies only set to further polarize the country should be left to inane platforms such as social media, not the big screen.

Embarrassingly BAD

By: rjw999
I was embarrassed sitting in the theatre. I eventually had enough and walked out! Worst movie of the year. The only positive thing is that, after I tuned it out, I had time to think about the TRASH Hollywood turns out. And I resolved to go to much less movies and be more discerning about the movies I go to. So I'm grateful I will stop seeing these random garbage movies and save some money.

Ok I'm ashamed I would see this immoral twisted movie. What is tragic is that so many people see this trash. What is wrong with us to not know better. We should not be seeing this stuff and maybe the will stop making them.

The worst purge

By: wangboppp-81159
Seriously, you get bored from the begining of the movie, the whole thing is flat and slow, not worth the time even for free ticket.

Trash of highest kind

By: smpaika
How do these kind of movies get passed the censor board - what an absolute trash of a movie. Senseless violence and wafer thin plot: I would give it 0 stars but did not have an option