Reviews for Ant-Man and the Wasp ( 2018 ) 1080p

One of the best superhero movies, worth rewatching!

By: honest-reviewer-tryme
Great plot that continues from the first, but creates a perfect second story that stands on it's own. Amazing special effects. Terrific casting. Beautiful scenery. Fast paced with a solid script.

I have to give it 9 stars because I didn't find anything critical with the movie that was memorable. I can't offer much a way to make it better, so 9 stars, but probably deserves a 10.

Never trust a 1 star reviewer!

Light, fun, and easy to follow

By: jcosully
I watched this with out watching the original or reading the comics, so I didn't that much about the back story or characters. It didn't really matter all that much though, because it doesn't rely to heavily on other stories. The plot isn't overly complicated, and doesn't try to be some 'it's going to be the end of the world if you don't do this in a certain amount of time' movie. At its core, it is about finding and re-connecting with the loves ones you haven't been with in a long, long time. It's sweet, and funny, and a toned down family film. The action scenes are pretty exiting, with things growing and shrinking, and other things disappearing and appearing. It does pale in comparison to other better, more sophisticated marvel movies, due to its familiarity and no long term lasting impact.

I have absolutely no clue why the bad reviews ,, probably they just watched this movie without watching the first one !! or any other avengers movie !!

By: Aktham Tashtush
The movie is funny ... Paul Rudd is hilarious .. the plot has no strong "entanglement" to the last stories ... and the surprise at the credits scene was crazy ,,connecting it to the last Avengers movie ,,.

This movie has a strong plot ... really funny and the script to me looked as strong as the first movie in many scenes ... and as i said the last scene in an "Avengers" style making us expect for sure a third movie to come .

The cast was great ,, Paul Rudd proved again he is the perfect Ant-man ,, the banter and the wittiness was endless ,, and the chemistry between him and Evangeline Lilly was on point ... I loved Michael Pe?a .. Oh my goodness the scene with the Truth serum was just crazy funny... in general all the characters did well .

Final thought ,, there are a lot of weirdly bad reviews ,, but believe me when i say .. this is way better than the other Avengers sequels have ever been ,well maybe not Iron Man 2 .. but it is up there .. so watch it ,, not gonna regret it .

It's NOT Avengers 4!

By: rodrigomiguel-49325
I saw a lot of people hating this movie, because he didn't have a connection with Infinity War or Avengers 4. I thought the movie was truly amazing, it's funny, but can be emotional at the same time. Well, of course it will not have awnsers to Infinity War events, because it his BEFORE Infinity War.Why can't people just understand that?If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it very much. For me, it was even better than the first one.

Brilliant! It was intriguing!

By: saniyaranim
I had a doubt after watching the first one, but this movie changed my mind. I watched it because I had such an exhausting ride with 'Avengers Infinity War' This movie is so cool and intriguing from the beginning till the end. It is a must watch. I can't believe Marvels keep pulling it off. I am still not a fan of Black Panther however this one is worth more than Black Panther.

This movie is funny and superb in the eye, got so many Wow! moments in it. Well made, fantastic work from Marvel. Rightfully deserved huge success,.. Thank you for the end Credit scene. It made my waiting for Avengers 4 so worthy. I would rate 8/10 for this movie but additional 2* is for Marvels Production. Thank you again.

Made Iron Man 3 entertaining

By: ardnael
This movie by far was BORING with absolutely predictable story line, dull lifeless characters, a lot of drama with little storyline. They assume you have the feels for these characters who you've barely seen on screen, is nothing like the comics, and therefore who you care nothing about. Not really sure why it's "and wasp" was it because of the subtext of a love story? Who knows. It had a few moments of amusement but then you realize how absolutely dumb the comedy was because they repeat the same premise of that joke over and over and over again in the movie. I have insomnia and this movie put me to sleep. Yet another example of the future of MCU as Disney dulls it down. Waste of time and money I will not be watching if and when they make another one.

Ant-Man returns

By: TheLittleSongbird
Having enjoyed a vast majority of Marvel's superhero output (more so than most) without worshipping them, 'Ant-Man' was a minor effort from them but there was still a good amount to like about it. Despite being positively received by critics, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' as of now has received also heavy criticism from fans and some Marvel non-fans, so was conflicted in seeing it.

'Ant-Man' and its slightly superior follow-up 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' managed to be better than expected. 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' to me was not as great as critics are saying, but it is also nowhere near as bad as people here have said, while sharing a few of their criticisms. Do like the character of Ant-Man. He is not exactly a household name and is always tossed aside in favour of other superhero characters like Spiderman that have had longer longevity and perhaps have more compelling origins and stories, hence why they are adapted more. Also wasn't sure what to make of the trailer, which made the film out to be rather bland in story and too reliant on humour while being very well made, directed and acted with thrilling action and funny and clever moments.

Seeing it for myself, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' could have been better and has its faults, ones that are somewhat the same as the first 'Ant-Man' and somewhat what was expected from watching the trailer. The script is mostly fine, but has patchy moments, namely the overly-wordy and sometimes over-complicated jargon and inconsistent humour. While the humour mostly works wonders, there are a few instances where it's not so funny and not very well placed.

Such as in emotional scenes that are actually quite poignant and heart-warming (more so generally than 'Ant-Man')and then interrupted by a joke that is not only forced and unfunny but also not belonging in the scene, though more sporadically thankfully than before. The family scenes are a mixed bag, sometimes they are sweet and touching, the chemistry is more believable here, while at other times they're a little flat and predictable, contributing towards a few rare dull stretches in a film that generally is appropriately lighter in tone and faster paced.

Like many people here, also found the villains underwhelming. Burch is especially pointless and forgettable and only really there because there seemingly needed to be an obligatory villain when actually there could have been just one. 'Thor Ragnarok' and 'Infinity War' only had one major one, and they, especially Thanos were the best villains in the Marvel canon. Ghost fares a little better and is an improvement over Corey Stoll's under-characterised villain in the first 'Ant-Man', her problem was that her back-story was very rushed and didn't feel developed enough. Michelle Pfeiffer is wasted in a very underwritten plot-device role.

On the other hand, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' is a great looking film, it's beautifully shot, very atmospheric, is very slick and the special effects, are clever and of the usual high-quality Marvel standards. The music avoids being over-bearing, one-note, too quirky or too bombastic, fitting well tone, mood and pace-wise.

Direction is more than competent, keeping the story going at a solid pace and the telling of it interesting enough, though maybe a little more flavour may have been more welcome. While the action is not as much as most Marvel films, it is fun, thrilling, nicely choreographed and tautly shot and edited, especially towards the end. The stuff with sizes was clever visually and interested and entertained while the film is better than a lot of sequels in being consistent in the continuity.

There is some very smart and hugely entertaining scripting and dialogue here in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' too. While it doesn't work completely seamlessly, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp's humour when it works is some of the funniest stuff of all Marvel films, and the film doesn't take itself too seriously or too much of a joke either, instead not being afraid to embrace the silliness and humour while ensuring still that the subject matter is treated with respect. The truth serum and the feminine side being brought out parts were hilarious.

The story is mostly diverting, it's and the first 'Ant-Man' film are narratively simpler than most Marvel outings and less risks here are taken than most Marvel films but it always makes sense, moments of dullness and jarring are few (while not being completely absent either), it's fun and it doesn't try to do too much or try to insert too many characters.

While not complex as such, the characters are mostly engaging, with the reservations being with the villain and Pfeiffer's character. Paul Rudd is a strong and hugely entertaining lead, while Michael Pe?a's hilarious in a role that could have been really annoying. The seasoned support of a distinguished Michael Douglas adds hugely too, and Evangeline Lilly and Abby Ryder Fortson give the film some much needed heart. Hannah John-Kamon does command the screen and Walton Goggins has an oily presence that is more than what the forgettable and useless character deserved.

Overall, not one of Marvel's best and has its flaws but a good sequel and film with many great things. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Leave the PG humor and drama at the door

By: Comedy_Disney_Marvel_Central
MCU should make PG cartoons of Avengers instead of integrating over the top humor with MCU. The word "toony" and "cartoony" is describing Star Wars and Marvel movies because of some of the star wars videos from upset fans. Although "Toony" "Cartoony" "Anime-ish" are perfect descriptions for MCU's latest movies. The first Avengers movie was perfect. But the comedy gets worse, pushing jokes beyond Marvel's limits. There's no comic book nostalgia in Ant-Man 2 or the Avengers Infinity war. I don't recognize any stories from the comic books. The characters are comedians now; they feel like brand new characters.


By: dave-18887
So bad, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a DC film.

Mediocre movie, nothing worthy of the big screen

By: dcobbimdb
I'm a huge Marvel fan, and pretty much see all of them in the theaters, I was a bit hesitant with this one just because I thought the original Ant-Man was "just okay."

In the end the 2nd one wasn't memorable, the story was okay, nothing earth shattering or particularly cool. I'm not saying this because the last Avengers blew everything away, I'm rating on this movie on it's own merit

My biggest complaints was the humor (which we've come to expect from Marvel movies and usually funny), was just off or not funny at all. The only humor that kind of worked for me was Luis and his parts, but even that wasn't enough to carry the movie.

This movie also failed from the lack of a decent "bad guy" and again I'm not saying this because of the recent Avengers, but the bad guys or gals in this movie just didn't do anything for me. I didn't like them, I didn't dislike them, I didn't care about them. Overall they were little more than a backdrop and if anything felt slapstick funny, but without the funny...

Acting & special effects wise it was okay, but again with a story I didn't really care about or characters I didn't really have much investment in, it was hard for the acting to transcend that and help make me care. Special effects were good, which is 100% expected these days but nothing that blew me away visually.

I guess if you're a huge fan of Ant-Man or the Wasp, then maybe you'll get more out of this than I did. Other than it tying in certain aspects of the Avengers timeline and giving you a bit more understanding of why Ant-Man wasn't present in the Avengers I got very little out of this movie. Even the after credits scene was stupid and felt more just like filler because they had to do it. Sadly a movie like this makes me put into question whether Marvel really wants to put out good movies or just simply put anything out there to make money

Just Fun & Inventive.

By: rjsuno
While the villains are weak (typical of the MCU overall) this movie is a worthy sequel to Ant-Man.

I think there's a group looking to slam this film with excessively negative reviews. No clue what their endgame is, unless they're DC loyalists tired of Marvel winning out repeatedly.

Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to the further adventures of Scott Lang. And plenty of others are as well.


By: jasondaggeron
It's joyful in a special way. I recommend it.

How could anybody rate this movie 1-star, 2-stars?

Bad Everything.

By: Jro619
This movie was doomed from the first frame and it never got better. I regret wasting my time watching it all the way through. It offered no compelling reasons to buy into the concept of "big and small". To top that, the "Good Daddy and Cute Daughter" subplot is worn out and dead. Nothing makes sense. Nothing is cleaver. Nothing is funny.

Pretty good actually

By: erenerginler
I actually quite liked this film. It certainly wasn't bad. In fact, it's my 9th favorite movie in the mcu. Now it could have been better, but I really enjoyed it. But to be honest, the villian wasn't that great. As much as I like this film, I will admit that yellow jacket from the first one was a better villian.

One more master comedy by MCU after Ragnarok

By: rahulnayi
Marvel's Ant Man and The Wasp is one of the best movie of MCU and of 2018. With the master comedy, awesome action sequences, awesome vfx, drama, father-daughter chemistry, thriller, supehero this movie is lifetime watchable. Also It is watchable with your family.

Quantum dumbness

By: talwinder1508
This movie is just another level of idiocy I mean Quantum idiocy

Fun Campy Stylish

By: imdbbonfiresky
Fun, campy, stylish. Great special effects. Decent jokes. I don't watch all the marvel films or follow the comics. So on its own I though it was one of the better marvel films. 6.8/10


By: darkyoda
I actually snoozed a bit during the movie. I haven't done that at the theaters in who knows how long. The only thing that the leads did during any chase or action sequence was to shrink to get away or grow big to fight someone. There was nothing innovative about the script. Pretty lame for a marvel movie. The comments that were aimed at being funny landed flat or were plain annoying. And the ending was actually laughable (not in a good way).

Really solid movie

By: mathias-degroof-678-362907
Just an overal good movie. The story could have been a bit better and the villans were not Thanos-level but it just does the job. I wanted more actually, because the CGI was really good. Also this is one of the funniest mcu movies, so if you want a good laugh I recommend this.

I applaud Paul Rudd and Micheal Douglas, great performance!

If you're a marvel fan this will satisfy you 100% and even if you just want to relax and enjoy this movie with the family, that's cool too.

It's kind off not really tied to the rest of the mcu, just as the first one, only captain America civil war a bit. Make sure u stay for the first post credit scene!

Weak second installment in the MCU - part 5.

By: Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer
Unlike in most of the franchises where the third installment is the weakest, MCU happens to be consistent in making the second installment the weakest one, except for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014). "Ant-Man and The Wasp" is a continuation in the legacy. It was mostly vague, and almost a total crap. It doesn't try to be anything more than a filler. To be honest, it felt like a dumbed down version of "25th Hour" with a lighter tone featuring some superhero characters. It simply aims at being a movie with some little fun stuff but being disposable on the whole. Both of the major plotlines - one involving Ghost and the other involving Sonny Burch felt just like something that was there to help the plot go further. The characterization of Ghost and Burch have no depth in them. Burch is totally shallow and one dimensional and generic. Ghost has a little backstory, and isn't enough to get behind the character. The motives which drive both the plotlines are totally clich├ęd and thinly built. It felt as if they thought 'Ghost isn't a good villain, let's distract the viewers by giving them the other plotline'. This created an "Iron Man 2" level of multiple plotline mess - a little less interesting. Ant-Man is a sidekick in this movie. From someone who could bring about a well planned heist to a doofus - with no explanation. Giant Man plays into the story, but it's more for slapsticky purposes. Also, the original Wasp gets some powers in the Quantum Realm which are not even explained by this movie. Surely, it might be explained in future films, but it could've easily done that. Lawrence Fishburne feels like a wasted talent in this movie. It seemed like a promising character, but turned out to be the same old "good guy in the bad guy's side" character. One good thing about this movie, besides the cast, is the deaging CGI. It looked awesome. To me, it felt like Michael Douglas from the 90s with just a different hair and almost similarly with others. Father-daughter dynamic between Scott and his daughter was likeable. To sum it up, I must say that it was way below my expectations. It's not that I have watched an impactful and emotionally craving "Avengers: Infinity War" and I wasn't in a mood to watch something so less impactful. I knew it wasn't going to be a spectacular as IW but neither did I expect it to be so much of a mediocrity. It's not that the aftermath of IW has holded this movie down. After a long time, it will develop the same legacy as that of "Iron Man 2", at best. I wonder how the same critics who panned "Justice League" (2017) for having a thin plot and creating a mess gave it a thumbs up. As someone who likes "Ant-Man" (2015) and considers it to be the most underappreciated MCU movie till date, its sequel was mediocre at best. I thought "Black Panther" was going to be the worst MCU movie of 2018, but I was wrong. It's "Ant-Man and The Wasp". It gets a "D+" and a "4.1/10".