Reviews for The Darkest Minds ( 2018 ) 1080p

Don't let the "Stranger Things/Arrival" fool you. This is bad.

By: nmanwarren
I can't even...I don't even.....ugh. This movie is just...terrible. The acting is garbage, script was garbage, it was rushed into scene after scene and honestly the amount of plotholes were immense. The idea for a story like this might make sense in a book, but if you're seeing it like this, its just BAD.

Literally, most of the good reviews for this movie are made by people that legitimately have ONLY reviewed this movie and have only been members for a few months, some of them being people who worked on this movie. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE FAKE GOOD REVIEWS. This movie absolutely sucks, don't even bother watching it when it comes out on Demand.

Complete Garbage

By: fuzulu
Stupid kiddie teenie no brain dead brain rubbish waste of time... low levels of production, crap story, cheesy as hell, horrible acting, absolutely no point to the whole thing and the ending is one to leave you for the dead... please please please I beg of you... DO NOT waste your time here.

Entertaining movie

By: mtjohnson-18549
After reading some of the 1 star reviews I began to wonder if we were watching the same movie or if they even watched this movie at all. The movie does have a plot, decent cinematography and the acting is decent. I did not read the book but I enjoyed this movie although I wasn't the target audience. Judge it for yourself and don't allow others to guide your opinion either way.

Good First Episode

By: pidstr
Treat as Made-For-TV, rather then Cinema Release, easy equal of other 'teen saves the world' genre films.Modern diversity in the cast of characters that play their parts well.Only thing missing is a string of sequels.

A boring and unoriginal young adult dystopian film that treads a heavily worn path.

By: sbweightman
The premise is weak and the story is straightforward, although it does some world building for the inevitable sequel(s). The special effects are OK and the car chase / bonding scenes are fun, but there's little sense of threat, the villains are dull and cliché, and the romance is about as forced and predictable as it can get.

Really enjoyed the movie

By: icechips-185-14175
Saw some low ratings & wondered why. Thought the characters were well thought out and believable. The interaction between Ruby, Liam, Chubb & Zu was great, but I did wonder why Zu didn't speak (I missed the 1st 5 minutes, so maybe it was in there why). The 'world' was different. I even cried at the end. I read it was an adaptation, I was wondering because, although the movie finished, there was enough left over for there to be a part 2.

NEED a second movie

By: madisonperry-72208
This movie was so captivating for me i was overwhelmed when I found out there was a book series and immediately bought them to find out what happens next! We need to have a second movie I would love to see it and know A LOT of other people who are waiting.

need a sequal

By: brose-49814
This movie was such a great film. my guy friend cried from it. the actors displayed their characters well and it was nice to see a cast protrayed mainly by young actors. really really hope there's a sequel to it because this movie definitely left you wanting more. 10/10.

Almost 2 hours i shall never get back

By: hendelmohandes
The movie is soo poor , awful script with all the cliches in history , illogical sequence , illogical emotional connections and alot of plotholes ...

Had a really good time

By: navajis
After seeing what the bad reviews said my advice is to watch the film if you like YA films like this one. If not, just don't go and let us YA lovers enjoy this beautiful heart touching and revolutionary film -since it has two colour people and an asian as main characters, lead character is a woman and the director film as well, and kids start controlling their own path after suffering supression and isolation (like they are actually suffering in some countries)-Oh and love scenes a bit rushed but still beautiful, male character powerful but respectul and loving at all times, 0 sexism.

Loved it.

LOVED this film!

By: jordan-paige-45516
To be honest, I am not sure why lots of people dislike this film. However, I can personally say that I enjoyed this film immensely. Being a fan of the book series, I was already excited for the film's release, but was nervous about the YA novel adaptation. However, I feel that while the book and film are different in many ways (as they have to be, as there are things in the novel that can't be done easily on screen), the production team did a wonderful job of making the film their own, but sticking to the novel very well. Although it seemed fast paced at times, I was eager to see what would happen next. My mom, who has never read the series, left the theater and said "well, now I'm going to have to steal the second book from you and read it, because I can't wait until another movie to see what happens!"Please, do not listen to the negative reviews, and go see this film for yourself. I had the incredible opportunity to be a background extra on the set of the film, and saw firsthand how hard both the cast and crew worked to bring this film to life. Please go support to not only see an incredible storyline come to life, but to encourage future YA novel adaptations, female directors, and inclusive/diverse casting.


By: spyforces
This movie is a stand out, it is so amazing with an incredible plot and strong believable characters. It is very emotive and you can even feel empathetic towards some of the characters.Some people hate the film because of the tiny differences from book to movie. I haven't read the books so there weren't any misconceptions. This movies was incredible and everything was so intriguing. I hope this movie gets a sequel. It has everything anyone would want in a movie. I'm sure if there was a sequel more concepts would be further explored. I'm going to see it again.

When I was 12 years old I would have loved this movie...

By: mattcurtis-50459 I'm 45 and guess what?From ET and The Gonnies to Harry Potter and Stranger Things I've enjoyed this genre of Sci-Fi/fantasy TV and movies. Nothing warms my heart more than the riteouus innocence of youth vs the cruelty and bitterness of "grown ups". Likely another serial, in the same vein of Hunger Games or Maze Runner but hey, why not? Sure give this a score of 5 if you want then complain it's not original enough or the acting isn't worthy of an Oscar! -or- Like me, smile and be thankful that someone's still making movies like this, movies that remind us of what it's like to be a kid. A kid, who dreams of special powers and a future were we get to be boss for a change! It's far too easy to pour scorn and cynicism here but I don't see you detractors doing any better. It's a solid 9 out of10 for me. Keep up the good work.

Its a good movie why there so much bad reviews

By: abskiee-12744
Acting is goodSpecial effect is good

Good adoption, storyline,direction

This is better than "the 5th wave"The character and the powers is also cool i like itI enjoyed this movie


By: hs-48811
I think that this movie so how children can be with or without superpowers and that helping children is always a good idea. Also to remember that kids have rights and what might be a small problem to you now think about you back then when you were their age. Sometimes you need to put your self in their shoes and in situation and then you might understand them better for who they are. Rather focus on their mind then their age or gender because we are all the same in one way or another.


By: jpmtrocado
This movie is amazing. The best movie I have ever saw. I don't understand how it has such a low rate. You develop a connection with all the characters and it has a lot of actions and thriller. If you are a teenager or young adult, watch this. You won't regret.

Very underrated

By: jonellefaulkner29
I loved this film ... the story did have lots of scenes pinched from other films, but I didn't care..... the main characters were spot on and it was easy to be immersed into their world .... I love a film that makes you emotionally involved with the characters.... this film defiantly made me care about what happened ... totally underrated

Great movie , the making of a great series

By: anthonyciulla
I would recommend this movie. Excellent acting and a great story line.


By: ivoryqueen
I loved it.. I agree it needed to he longer. And as soon as it was over I was craving more... dissapointed there may not be a sequel.. but the books are awesome

Actually Worse Than Twilight

By: singerstar26
1) The script was AWFUL 2) What the hell was the plot?? No plot or character development 3) Acting was poor 4) Haven't read the books but I can only assume that this film ruined a really good YA book series