Reviews for Notes from Dunblane: Lessons from a School Shooting ( 2018 ) 720p

Very disappointing

By: james_geddes-24949
A poor overview of the relationship between two priests after a school shooting in their respective towns. No analysis within the show that breaks down any lessons learned and how the UK hasn't had a mass shooting since this event. At the end I felt like it was more of a religious documentary than anything else.


By: dylanpowell-45367
The trailer shows the main focus of this short being centred around gun control, but for less than 5 minutes, this issue is discussed. Most of this documentary is just about the two priests talking about their experiences and meeting up. This could've been so much more. An hour long documentary would've been nicer, they could've spent equal amounts of time on everything.

Engaging and affecting, but lacking its rightful purpose

By: katiemariathilthorpe
I found the short engaging and innovative in portraying the similarities between the two shootings, however, it fell far short in conveying the differences.The trailer culminates on the issue of gun ownership. In the film, however, it is covered in a very isolated way: a 2 minute segment on the opinion of the priest in Dunblane and the introduction of tighter gun laws in the UK (already far stricter than the US) and then the text at the end of the film which compares changes to gun laws in the UK and US. Rather than the issue only being presented to the viewer, there should have been dialogue between the priests and the communities about the issues. The reason a school shooting hasn't happened in the UK since Dunblane is not because of the support and hope in the community (valuable as this is), it was because of the action taken and a wholly different mindset on gun ownership. For me it was a missed opportunity.