Reviews for The Belstone Fox ( 1973 ) 1080p

Were the animals all right ?

By: indieminorbird8
I watched the Belstone fox recently ,I thought it was beautiful. But one thing that concerns me Were Any Animals Injures > And where is Tag now ? I'm sorry I Love animals and I when the movie finished I din't see No Animals Were Harmed , Please if anyone could help , This would stop me from worrry. Generally overall I found it to be very touching , greaqt acting all cast includiing Animals. I could not taake my eyes of the movie.It;s a great movie to unwind and relax. I thought the directing was well done and the chemistry between the cast was outstanding. I would definitely watch it again and even recommend it to those who just want a familoy moviem The scenery was outdtanding as it made me feel like I was actuall there.

Belstone Fox and Hunting

By: bill-mendy
Just in case anyone gets the impression from the first review that this film is strictly for bunny-huggers, I copy in a comment from the Horse & Hound forum. My hunt (still hunting within the law) is arranging a viewing at the local cinema. So it apparently has broad appeal. Lest we forget, the only European leader to ban fox-hunting before Tony Blair was a vegetarian with a strange set of priorities (A. Hitler).

"This must be one of the best British films that covers the life of a hunt.I have seen it many times and the music and scenery are just beautiful..I read the book on which the film is based ,The ballad of the Belstone fox,by David appears from the names given that the hunt is based on the Cottesmore hunt..or possibly the Belvoir..If you haven't seen it well worth getting a DVD or video as great film for fans of horses and hunting...I do seem to remember a few scenes that appear to be deleted or cut from the original film..perhaps you too may have noticed this..has the film been cut??TALLY HO"

The Belstone Fox

By: stupat
Good to see Eric Porter, a very underrated actor, in the role as a gamekeeper, who puts his head in the noose, when he rears a tame fox. A 1970's film which reminded me of my country days, before things because a bit too sophisticated. Good film for a quiet hour or two. A very young-looking Dennis Waterman as a hunt assistant, before his break into the big time with John Thaw. One of these films hat you don't think-sounds very interesting, but when you sit down and get into it, you just need to see it to the ens. Jeremy Kemp as a rather worn out English country gentleman,is a pleasure to watch.I would recommend the film to anybody, I don't know how I miss it first time round.

an outstanding film full of symbolism

By: spj-4
I regard this movie as a classic ahead of its time! Made in the early 1970s, it starts with a rather dire scenario in the age where fox hunting was the norm, but this movie dares to question the status quo in that setting. It also introduces an interracial mix of a pair of unlikely mates, creatures against all odds, bound in their friendship & respect & mutual love.

It was skillfully crafted against a plot of human romance & love & frailty, but where the protagonists were presented as daring to think beyond the square, sadly lacking in our current society of the 21st millennium, where anyone who dares to think of broader options is to be regarded as a fraud or a terrorist for daring to question rationalists or political cheats who wish to remain unchallenged, and mostly do! But this movie is much more than a fable. It has a couple of moments of cinema that should remain clasped in the heart of movie lovers. And still beyond, it is a tale of the oppressed, the downtrodden, the humbled & the tortured, across mankind & into nature too. It is FOOD for the soul & the spirit of creature & man & God alike, for those who have eyes to see & ears to hear!

A magnificent film.

By: SanDiego
The director and star of BORN FREE re-team to tell the story of Tag, a fox reared with a fox-hound. From the book THE BALLAD OF THE BELSTONE FOX by David Rook and later remade as the animated Disney film "The Fox and the Hound." A magnificent family film that ultimately brings up questions about the ethics of fox-hunts, mixes the fun of Benji with the drama of Old Yeller.