Reviews for Incredibles 2 ( 2018 ) 1080p

Worse than original. Politically correct box-ticking. Bland story details.

By: randomStuff101
Half way through watching this in the cinema, I thought "maybe it's me". Maybe it's my fault I'm not into this movie. But I loved the original, so what's going on.

No. The problem is this movie is a bland attempt to express messages about gender roles and current society issues. It lacks flow, it's just a bunch of scenes one after the other, there's no coherent thread or curious elements tying it together.

Nice visuals goes without saying, but the story is let down by a sense that it's been engineered around a board room table by people referring to their social media feeds for inspiration, rather than dreamt up by talented writers.

Sure, some scenes are fun. But we're not watching a youtube playlist here, this is a movie and it's supposed to work as a whole, not just momentarily.

The script is uninteresting, the action is exciting sometimes, but other times you just want it to end or move on. Very disappointing.

Toy Story 2 was a great sequel, but this is a very poor sequel. Forgettable.

If you love the first, then hold onto that because it doesn't get better. It gets worse.

Definitely not as good as the first Incredibles movie

By: Ajk2386
Good: The animation for this movie was excellent just like most other Pixar movies, it was funny (especially Jack Jack) and I really liked the action sequences throughout the movie. I liked that the movie showed that parenting (when done right) can be heroic.

Bad: I thought this film has quite a few problems, the biggest problem was that the ending was pretty predictable, I could see it coming. Also, there was a feminism theme with Helen which was okay but at times it seemed to shove it in my face and it got to be annoying. There seemed to be a little too much going on in the movie and a few too many characters.

I'm glad I saw the movie, I just don't think I would see it again anytime soon.

My childhood movie ruined

By: anton-cekov
Do not expect what you seen in 2004. 3 times i was allmost fall asleep. I consider it on sometimes for family drama not child focused animated comedy. Dissapointed at all.P.S. Im not troll reviewer, just badly dissapointed.


By: pdantro
They took the women are Superior than everyone else approach and ruined the movie. All the other supers are idiots, Mr incredible can't take care of the kids. He's now dumb lazy and helpless without his wife. It's a real disappoinment, they didn't incorporate depth into the movie. My kids wanted to see the bad supers use their powers more, but that was detailed with supers that are men and portrayed as lazy, uneducated morons. The lead bad person is a women with no super powers of course.

We get it Woman are better than man

By: donumdei
Mannn, I'm sick and tired of this feminism bs. It's ruining everything and everyone but not in kids movie. Ridiculous, I got high to watch this because I loved the first one and it was hilarious, this one is not even funny. Few funny lines other than that She's boring and unfunny. We both are equal male or female we all are same Sh T. Overall movie is boring I drifted away half way because I was waiting for funny movie not politically correct movie. Thank Hollywood you suck.

destroyed my expectation..

By: polarbear1924
Dont watch it if u loved incredibles 1. it is a shame that to focus the feminism they destroyed what we loved about the incredibles..the movie name is incredibles not elasta if you want to focus the feminine power make a movie name elastagirl..all will be happy

Feminism Disney style

By: wyplmaa
If you don't mind your intelligence being insulted and you like to humor women with their fantasies about world domination, then this is for you. Now for those men and women who actually live in the real world and need some reality included even in an animated sci fi flick, then you won't be happy. One thing is great, I won't say what it is, but it involves the youngest Parr member. Other than that, its a left wing oriented movie for those who refuse to live in the real world.

Nice family more for the kids movie

By: damion-891-180122
It was a cool movie. Little bit of a twist about who's the bad guy and basically nice Friday night after work movie to watch with the kids. Maybe a little bit tough since they had to save the world and it wasn't an adventure movie but you won't regret it. Enjoy.


By: dearbaby-19063
Nice storyline....but i think Mr. incredible is in little bit lower side! frozen is most effective superhero. but they showed over feminism. but i enjoyed the funny scenes specially Jack Jack's part & the suspension.

Good for young adults and older children

By: jhenriod-73197
Would not recommend this for children under 6, a few scary scenes, the story is predictable and slow at times but the humor is spot on which is why im giving it an 8, i hope in the next one they find a way to make a deep storyline like the first one, that said this is worth a watch especially if you were like me and were around 13 when the first one came out

Brad Bird Smashes It Again

By: domsimmonds
After 14 years of waiting, Brad Bird finally made a sequel to his marvellous film...the Incredibles! And it did not disappoint. Although not as good as the original in my opinion, it was a great pixar addition. They keep finding new ways of making meaningful, inventive and entertaining content, appealing to both Kids and Adults. It doesn't treat the audience as children and that's what's great about it. The quality of the production is amazing as well. It follows directly from the first one and expands on issue mention in the first one, which are then addressed! Overall, great film, certainly one of the better films of the year.

Incredibles 2 is... Exciting and Acceptable.

By: NarniaIsAwesome
"Incredibles 2" was probably the most anticipated movie of the year; it's hard to believe it's made 14 years since the first original. So obviously everyone was more than ready for this.

The film does come through when it comes to entertaining action and comedy, with Jack-Jack, Bob, and Edna providing most of the biggest laughs. The plot is interesting, because we've got to know what happened to the Parr family. As far as the supervillain mystery, it's acceptable and somewhat entertaining, but a bit predictable and generic. The final criticism I have is that Edna definitely deserved more screen time.

That being said, it is still an entertaining movie and not at all "painful" to watch.

In conclusion, "Incredibles 2" is funny, exciting, and really worth a viewing.

Get woke, go broke.

By: alinsplice
It's not the first movie that got pu....fied and got broke, it's the only way they will learn.

Entertaining but lesser than the original

By: proud_luddite
Following the superb 2004 original, the family of animated superheroes are back. This time, they are struggling to regain a good reputation for superheroes (ostracized due to the collateral damage of their heroics) while also getting caught up in fighting a scheme against Screenslaver, a villain who hypnotizes victims with TV screen images.

The idea of Screenslaver seems clever and almost touches on the modern world's collective obsession with technical devices and other forms of media. It doesn't quite get to the heart of the matter and misses an opportunity to be a clever critique of our current times. The theme even seems to be jumbled and incoherent at times.

But overall, the film is saved by funny characters and doing what action-filled, comical, Hollywood blockbusters set out to do: be entertaining. It also succeeds in adding a twist to the genre by having female characters in the centre of hero/villain conflicts. A rather smart move considering the current dynamic in the film industry.

Predictable and boring, Really!

By: tataojg
Predictable and boring, Really! Come on Disney! I was truly trying to like the movie and when the villain explains her/his reasons... well, I've lost it. My friend felt asleep...

2 stars because Pixar's effects are amazing.

Radical feminism destroys another film.

By: juanjo_lfs
English: Nothing more to add to the title of this review. Another film destroyed by the obsessive tendency to flood films with hundreds of feminisms that sometimes causes weariness and shame in the public by the feeling of watching feminist propaganda more than a film itself.

Good, but not great!

By: Darth_Osmosis
There is much to like here and not much that is outright wrong or bad. It's funny, fast paced, clever and overall works quite well. However there is an ever present feeling that the first one was better.. Maybe it's cause the plot is maybe a bit too predictable and cartoonish(yeah it IS a cartoon, but still..) or that the wait between the first and this one was so long and I expected something more? It's still good, just not great!

Falls short of super or incredible

By: TheLittleSongbird
Have always been a big fan of Pixar, liking to loving pretty much all their short films (particularly 'Presto', 'One Man Band', 'Geri's Game', 'Piper' and 'Knick Knack'). Also like to love a vast majority of their feature films, my favourites being the 'Toy Story' films, 'Up', 'Coco' and 'Inside Out' and my least favourites being the 'Cars' sequels and 'The Good Dinosaur'.

While not one of my favourite Pixar films, 'The Incredibles' is still a very, very good film that has gone even higher in my estimations after a well overdue re-watch to get myself prepared for 'Incredibles 2', fantastically animated, exciting, funny, emotionally investable and ground-breaking with great characters. Expectations were high for its long awaited sequel fourteen years on, and while it is not as good a film, and what could and should have been super and incredible wasn't quite, on the most part 'Incredibles 2' was worth the wait.

'Incredibles 2' does lack 'The Incredibles' originality (not much new here) and its emotional impact and character development is also not as good, the latter particularly is noticeably thinner (Bob for example was more complex before). It was a little too long for a story as slight as it was, would have trimmed it by 15-20 minutes and tightened the first act's pacing with it taking a bit too much time to get going.

Like others, among my biggest problems were to do with the villain. The villain was forgettable (one of Pixar's weakest easily), the twist concerning their identity that was too obvious too soon. Found their plan convoluted, that when explained made me want a re-wind button which was not possible in the cinema, and the motivation was pretty weak and extreme, took a while for me to get my head round. While the characters are fun, it did feel like there were too many, not sure whether it needed that many superheroes that aren't given enough to do other than in the climax.

However, it may sound like 'Incredibles 2' was a bad film. It wasn't. Actually enjoyed it a good deal. The animation is fantastic, smooth, vibrant in colour and meticulous in background detail, some very striking details, a richly immersive setting and the characters are well designed. Michael Giacchino's score gets one in a rousing mood while also being dynamic with the action. The action is superbly animated and thrilling with real suspense and excitement.

Writing has many moments of humour that provides a lot of laughs (Jack Jack steals the show here, especially with his powers and his fight with the racoon, with some nice lines later from Edna), moments that probe thought and drama that's relatable and never too sentimental (if not as poignant as one would like). The story does grip, more so in the Elastigirl story that really held my attention before the villain reveal underwhelmed. The family drama stuff is also very prominent, and while it is repetitive at times and there could have been less of it the best moments are very funny and it is very easy to relate to the dilemmas the characters face. Pacing mostly excites when things get going.

Character development is nowhere near as strong here and it would have benefitted from less characters and more done with the existing characters and more thought with the villain and their plan/motivations, but the characters are mostly fun with the highlight being Jack Jack. The voice acting is terrific, especially from Holly Hunter, Craig T Nelson and Samuel L Jackson. Brad Bird is a lot of fun in Edna's small role and Catherine Keener, Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are good additions.

Overall, very enjoyable but wanted to like it much more. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Yea...another boring Feminist movie..with bad language

By: mailad-54718
Took my family to watch it. If it weren't for my kids birthday I would say absolute waste of money. The movie has very little going for it and puts a large emphasis when they swear. I can see why hollywood is having a tough time with sales. Typical old fashioned useless dad and super mom storyline. When feminists are such a small percentage world wide why bother with silly brain washing nonsense. Are they that insecure that they have to ruin all movies and genres?


By: robertolavratti
Predictable and boring storyline. Really bad movie, stupid feminist propaganda and a really pain to me to see what they did with the characters.