Reviews for The Equalizer 2 ( 2018 ) 1080p

Solid sequel to the original.

By: Vivekmaru45
I was well entertained on Sunday when I watched the film. Denzel Washington is a favorite actor of mine. I have seen such good films of his in the past: Philadelphia(1993), The Pelican Bried(1993), Crimson Tide(1995), Virtuosity(1995), Fallen(1998), The Bone Collector(1999), The Hurricane(1999),Training Day(2001), John Q(2002) and many more...

I am also a great fan of director Antoine Fuqua and I love his style of direction. The movie continues from the previous one, Robert McCall(Washington) now lives in a diverse apartment complex in urban Massachusetts. He is working as a Lyft driver and assists the less fortunate with the help of his friend, Susan Plummer. One day, Susan and DIA operative Dave York, McCall's former teammate, are called to investigate an apparent murder-suicide of an agent and his wife in Brussels. When the two separate after reaching their hotel, Susan is murdered in an apparent robbery. When he receives the news, McCall begins to investigate both her death and the case she was investigating.

The action sequences in the film, background sound-effects and cinematography are extremely well executed. Antoine is a director with great vision and you can see that in all his movies. Denzel gives another excellent performance and his acting is very convincing. I give the film a rating of 8/10 because the film is a solid entertainer and held my attention the whole time.

Denzel is great as usual

By: jeff-cossey
I really enjoyed his character. He is very methodical very relaxed even in tense situation. Believable no flash just gets the job done. Denzel Washington is very entertaining.

"Same mud, same blood"

By: randlxsr
Preserves the spirit of the first one while telling its own story. This is a good new chapter and all I was hoping for.

Side plot better than the main plot.

By: mjeffersonedu
The main plot did a bad job at explaining why the Belgium husband and wife were killed, and who ordered the hit, outside of that, sad to say Robert McCall helping of others with their problems had a better story line than the main plot.

Awesome film

By: elliotjeory
If you are a fan of Denzel Washington and the first equaliser you will love this. Met expectations in story, action and fight scenes. Yes the first one was probably better but this is still a worthy sequel and highly enjoyable. It would be great if there was a third to complete the trilogy.

Equalizer 2 advances to the next level

By: TheEthosDiary
The first one was great, I thought this one was a lot better. This one goes a bit more into who and where the Equalizer comes from, little bit more about his personal life as well. With as much history they laid out in this one you can tell it has potential to lay the groundwork for a third, and possibly fourth Equalizer. There was plenty of face punching and cracking bones, it was very well done, more than the first one I thought. Some butt kickin', then story, some history, then back to bustin' more chops....... . If you enjoyed the first one and enjoy Denzel Washington movies and into the whole Equalizer genre, YOU WILL enjoy this one as well. If your looking at in going to see the Equalizer kill everyone without a plot, including the cameraman too, nah, you won't like it.

Loved it loved it loved it!!! Denzel was awesome

By: fireofgod-56981
My wife and I went and Saw this yesterday at the budget for a date and it was awesome Loved It!! The action was crisp and clean and executed well it was a very human story with a lot of action and some funny lines a very good sequel better than the first also the last scene on the tower was awesome loved that fight scene the best and the bad guys got all what they had coming to them DVD and Blu Ray release is set for December can't wait till it comes out will be adding it to my collection for sure

The Un-Equalizer

By: MikeC19
As someone that enjoyed the genre thrills of the first film, I thought surely the second one, most likely, would be more of the same. I felt... that it failed miserably. Knowing that Denzel Washington doesn't usually make sequels, I figured this one should probably be pretty good. It feels like, though, that he just cashed a paycheck for this one. A long section in the middle just feels aimless, and like it's just wasting time. It takes a little while to really set up the story, and then just kind of wastes time. The action picks up more near the end, but by then, I was checked out. Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman are wasted in their roles, and have very little to do. The good guy vs. bad guy fight at the end just feels like every other action movie, and just isn't that impressive. Very disappointed with this film. They could have done so much better!

Worst movie in 2018

By: Xsdnx
This movie is the worset movie I have seen in 2018, although it starts well, after 45 minutes the movie turns to be easly predictable and the action secenes were so silley that you wonder which age group it targets?I saw many people gave the movie a rating of 9 or 10, but I can't understand why.Please don't watch the movie, so you don't encourage hollywood to make more movies.


By: yannis-41887
Very very poor .not good story line poor acting and the director never seen the first equaliser. Waste 2 hours of my life.

Not worth another watch.

By: wildcats_rule
First movie was by far the best. This one takes forever. Not a far of this sequel.

Just no

By: connor-98274
Total crap no way is it better then the first. The first one had a plot and action this had nothing at all

Borinf, very standard for action movie

By: dedykie
Preety flat for action movie. All action, plot so predictable.

Not as Fast paced as the first one

By: paniwala
We expected this to be as fast paced as the first one. Very slow narration and at times dragging with too many slow side stories. Action not as fast paced and impactful as the first one. Can wait for it on HBO. Cant believe the director Antoine Fuqua is the same on this one ! Denzel Washington is good but not at his best.

Slow, overprecious, silly

By: eurobalauru
One good actor can not produce a movie, when nothing else is there to add. Small talks may not always contribute to the atmosphere, expressly when randomly thrown into the soup. And a crude story remains just a sketch, whatever you try to do with it.And this is the case with this movie. A huge potential wasted in a mediocre script, with barely convincing characters and a totally flat course. No music, nor the hurricane, could add to the lack of vibration in this scenario. This is a "Gran Torino" with a silly fake action movie beside. Denzel, who is a great actor and is playing excellent here too, becomes almost ridiculous trying to give some substance to nothing.Total disappointment, and an unreal over-rating...

Very slow and predictable

By: cshafkat-79041
I had my expectations high because I was very impressed with the first one. Unfortunately this one is a bit of a disappointment owing to the pacing and predictability of the story. It was slower and boring. If they decide to make a third one then they should make it a bit more fast paced.

Revenge isn't as Sweet

By: ThomasDrufke
If there's anyone in Hollywood that I would believe is actually a real life bada**, it's probably Denzel Washington. The first Equalizer was a surprisingly brutal and visceral action film that gave Liam Neeson movies a run for its money. While the sequel is full of just as many, if not more, incredible kill sequences by Denzel's character, I think there's a lack of connection I felt this time around. I wasn't nearly as connected to the story, and perhaps that's because the revenge didn't feel as sweet this time around. The ending of the film is a great sequence on its own and there are certain scenes I will certainly revisit, but I'm not sure the film as a whole works quite as well.


Better wait for it to come on TV

By: ricardo-mahshi
Being the only movie Denzel ever do a sequel for the expectations are higher than reality. This movie is mediocre at best. I love Denzel but compared to Taken, Jack Reacher or John Wick, this movie fails to reach that.

More structured action /chase is needed and some smartass survival situations by Denzel would be great and a few funny scenes of the supposedly normal life the main character is living would also be great.

I see why he did this sequel

By: rodrick-luster
Denzel is not a sequel guy but it's clear why he decided to come back for this movie. You get everything from the 1st movie plus a lot more. More insight of his character, more action and meaningful plot. One of his best films and I hope to see a trilogy!

Excellent movie!

By: ElizabethEliz
I hadn't even seen the first movie but my family all wanted to see this and I got dragged along. To say I loved this movie would be an understatement. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I laughed and I cried. Needless to say I had to immediately watch the first one. Highly recommend this sequel!!