Reviews for Mission: Impossible - Fallout ( 2018 ) 1080p

Brilliant action and... that's all

By: Malasglobduk
IM Fallout is definitely a brilliant action flick. Action scenes are perfectly directed, some stunts are rather terrific, locations are beautiful, the pace is nearly perfect. Only problem is... the plot. My god, that plot... It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's been seen thousands of times before in movies or tv shows. There is absolutely no surprise, no twist, one see everything coming from a mile away. That movie has been written by Captain Obvious, assisted by his sidekick Bob AlreadySeenThat. 10 for the action, 0 for the plot. That makes an average 5.

Killed the franchise

By: undftd-66007
Pathetic constant repeated cliches.Terrible story, simply lazy writing.Waste of actors time and way to ruin careers and paint them as commercial.Hate that this franchise gets worse as I love the initial idea.

There was a time...when

By: zsachill
Only good thing left about MI series is its theme song. There was a time when you heard the theme song in the theatre with loud a surround system, you got this goose bumps, wanted to jump off the buildings like Tom cruise and save the world.... and now I just wanna pull my hair every time I fall for this mission impossible crap.i truly thought the critics would be fair about their ratings but I guess everybody got themselves a nice lobster and champagne dinner with a nice Rolex. Sometimes I think Tom cruise just wanted to be a sprint athlete and all he wants is running..running...and more running. This movie has the same bs formula used 100000xtimes. Which after 100times gets boring. I was utterly bored,so will you.. Avoid!!!

Another great MI movie. Apart from...

By: matto-65470
Henry Cavill is a woeful actor, he must come cheap ! His acting was the only thing that took my mind away from the great story, action and filming. Bravo again to MI

Boring, seen it all before.

By: onedziner
This is the same movie done over and over again, with nothing new to offer. Everyone is here just for the pay check, there's no heart or soul, just action pieces, stitched together with poor acting and flat script.

It's also full of CIA propaganda, obvious for all to see, except most who can't.

Could it be any longer?

By: mjgapinski-58358
The first three plot twists in the first 90 minutes were great. The next 47 plot twists in the remaining 57 minutes were almost unbearable.

Wanted to give 1 star but giving 5 star for the sake of tom cruise's breathtaking and hardworked stunts!!

By: harrypage-82590
Actually speaking,this movie was quite different from the rest of the MI series in the way that it lacked a storyline and almost zero humour and no depth in the characters in the plot.It was like a action parade with tom cruise with no good story and it felt dull and monotonous and uninteresting right from the start till the end.I hope the next MI movie has a good engaging plot (if its planned).

what a boring movie

By: consumer-netherlands
Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a very boring movie, like all the movies of this kind ... cars and motorcycles, speed, shooting, beating and many special effects.They copy each other: The market is overwhelmed with such dull movies, movies made just to make money! Everything is predictable, it has no charm.... "good guys" and "bad guys", with a very tangled story which sometimes no longer understand, hard to follow!

The story of the movie is unrealistic, the director is an amateur who made the film in a hurry.

No story, only action

By: ace-avneesh
Good action sequence without a story.The producers just want to make money from the series name.There was no logic or reality in the movie.... just scenes made up to fill up time.Passable!!!

Long, Predictable, Trite

By: jdwright76
Thank goodness I used movie pass. Not a movie that would have wanted to pay full price. So long and constant unbelievable scenes. It's the same as the all the others. Very predictable. The star of the show was the locations.

This movie is in fact falling out - almost walked out

By: lilu444-1
And the Oscar goes to ... all the talk show hosts who say, so convincingly, that they loved the movie. The ONLY thing that carries this movie is the action that is pretty well done. Other than that - the performances are unbearable and the plot is ... well, I am not even sure there is was a plot. Tom Cruise has no lines - the only arch in his character is that he is sorry. He is sorry in English, in broken French, with painful facial expressions, grunt and sighs and so on. That is the only emotion his character communicates. This movie is just as awkward and barely held together as the press tour with its main actors. How can this editing and writing disaster have a 86 metacritic score is beyond me.

Retread of the last three films, excessive profanity kills fun time at the movies

By: tedbragg-1
More of the same over-the-top hijinx, action set pieces for the sake of action. And a LOT more swearing. Almost got up and walked out mid-way. In their bid to create excitement and thrills, they went the easy route by throwing a bunch of daring-do when it wasn't really smart or necessary.

Compare this one to the very first MI flick, and the differences are abundant. Wasn't a fan of the tv show or the books, but there are better ways to make an MI movie and they already did it the first time around.

Maybe I just prefer my spy movies to be more about the spy-game and suspense, rather than all-out warfare. Henry Cavil makes for a good villain and the bathroom fight scene early in the movie was hilarious. But -- other than that, it was just business as usual with this one.


Boring, cliche ridden, overated, no new gadgets!

By: stevepat99
Forever, ad nauseum car chases, bike chases, running, jumping put me to sleep! My wife says...where are the new gadgets (as others mentioned)? None! We enjoyed the final 15 minutes of great scenic shots and aerial action (anything but another car/bike chase). There was a true impossibility. An A-bomb timer is set for about 15 minutes and Tom's plan had to take an hour to accomplish and yet the magic clock never reaches 15. Hey, why not set it for one hour? Story was convoluted and lacked any comic relief. Another mission impossible, Tom jumping from way high up onto concrete and landing like a feather. My wife and I both gave it thumbs down. Sadly, Tom's best acting was when he was doing stunts and not acting.

Best Action Movie of the Year

By: Jared_Andrews
'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' burst onto the scene this weekend, rejuvenating what had been a mostly baron summer of action-blockbusters. Sure, we had 'Equalizer 2' and 'Skyscraper,' but those were both meh. Thankfully, this film is far better than meh. Actually, it's excellent.

Its excellence comes from a commitment to the craft. Normally, three months of intensive training are required for someone to qualify for a helicopter pilot's license. Tom Cruise, in preparation for this film, did it in half that time. How? By training 16 hours a day, seven days a week. He did all this for one action sequence. That's the level of commitment to the craft that went into this movie.

Each grand set piece (all of which are glorious) fills the frame just right. Very little CGI is used, which makes everything look real because it is real. We aren't watching a contrived creation of what is supposed to look like Tom Cruise zipping through town on a motorcycle-he's actually zipping through town on a motorcycle. And that helicopter pilot training? That paid off in a big way. It delivered what is one of the best, most intense action sequences in years.

Each scene flows smoothly into the next, rarely pausing to catch its breath. It brings to mind memories of 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' which featured a similarly breakneck pace and continuous propulsion. Fallout's action doesn't quite reach that level, but the feel is certainly similar.

I've waited this long to mention the plot because I hardly considered it essential, which might sound weird or as though it's a detriment (it's not). There is a lot to know and also very little know. Early scenes feature some rather extensive exposition. The density and length of these conversations may cause some viewers' minds to wander-that's okay.

While the dialogue is crisp and the details are helpful for better understanding the plot, all viewers really need to understand is that a group of terrorists called The Apostles want to wreak havoc, and it's Ethan Hunt's mission to stop them. Basically, he and his team need to save the world.

There's nothing wrong with action taking center stage over the story in this case. After all, this is an action movie. The minute reasons why something is happening become less important when what is happening is so masterfully executed and thrilling to watch.

The camera whirls majestically around each chase sequence, and the fight scenes pop off the screen. They're brutal, well-shot and coherent, which is not always the case with big budget action films. The violence feels real, as do the consequences. I know jaw-dropping is a bit of a cliché description to use, but these fight scenes (and a few additional action sequences) literally made my jaw drop.

And of course, in between the fights, we receive a hefty dose of Tom Cruise running really fast. He's one of the all-time best movie runners. Tremendous intensity. Beautiful form.

Cruise is exceptional. This franchise would crumble without him. Ving Rhames, who has been at Cruise's side for all six 'M:I' films, is a steadying presence once again. Simon Pegg provides his usual comic relief, and Henry Cavill steps in as a younger, stronger super-spy, to remind us that Cruise can't do this forever.

Overall, this is an exceptionally satisfying movie-going experience. It's one of the best films of the year and one that will stick with you well after leaving the theater.

Mission of Missions!

By: Crillan56
You would think this franchise would run out of ways to "wow" you but they really don't disappoint , the critics did not drop the ball on this one as they do on many others, it supports its ratings to the fullest... CRUISE is great! Best he's played Ethan hunt and he's played him very well ... worth it for the theatre, which you have to be careful with saying these days , cause it could cost you a weeks salary...go see it!!

WOW was this boring!!!

By: joshuamartinez8405
This movie long, predictable and boring. It had like 3 good scenes. But the rest was so predictable and overdone. I was literally on my phone reading the reviews and wondering if they saw the same movie I was watching. Everyone seems to praise this movie. Seems fishy

The Problem With Ratings

By: vandelour
See, this movies 'user' reviews are the problem, the big problem with a review site open to anybody. Its obvious the reviews have been skewed wildly upward by ...?? Only somebody getting a paycheck could rate this thing a 10. Or a 9. Or an 8. or a 7. The movie is a hashup of cartoonish scenes to portray Tom Cruise as an actor of merit. He's not. And the since the film is nothing more than his vehicle, everything else falls by the wayside.

I rated it at 2/10 and let me tell ya, that is generous.

Predictable and cliche

By: tomguycz
Seriously? I do not understand all these high ratings. I agree with the only thing. The action is good and some of the scenes are quite surreal but the rest is A trash. I guess it all reflect the current state of the society. People LOVE TRASH!

And the award for the best action movie goes to...

By: Prashast_Singh
Let's get straight to the point: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT justifies the need to watch action movies on the big screen. Every single action scene works, particularly the final one. Tom Cruise never disappoints when it comes to fighting, chasing and of course, running! He officially killed it in this movie!

It was a pleasure to see Henry Cavill join the show. All actors were impressive as well, but he was very effective throughout the movie.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT showcases a perfect blend of breathtaking action, eye-catching locations and exhilarating cinematography combined with suspenseful thrills. Even though the summer's come to an end, the film made me feel it just started!

I don't think just one viewing is going to satisfy me. Halfway through the film and I was thinking of a second watch. IMAX viewing totally justified.

When I watched the previous 3 MI movies back-to-back yesterday, I had no idea I'd be in a complete treat today! I knew FALLOUT would be great, but it just surprised and surpassed all my expectations!

I can talk about this movie all day. I love action movies and this is easily one of the best ones I've seen this year. Apart from entertainment, it also provides lessons on how to make action movies, efficiently. It couldn't have been any better than this. I would easily label this as my finest IMAX experience of an action blockbuster, ever.

In one word, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT is PERFECT. Recommended catching it on an IMAX screen.

Phenomenal action

By: adiclarkson
Tom Cruise is a machine. He knows what audiences want and he delivers. Not sure how they can top this one (but I thought the same after watching him cling onto a plane). Keep making these Mr Cruise and thanks for entertaining us!