Reviews for Venom ( 2018 ) 1080p

Need more VENOM!

By: blw-69512
The critics have this all wrong. That's the reason you always listen to to the folks that enjoy the genre you love. I hoped the critics were wrong and according to me they were. Tom Hardy is the man and does an awesome job and the guys that worked in the VENOM voice should get paid twice. This movie had a few holes but I go to movies like VENOM to get that comic book feel and it did not disappoint. I hope they make VENOM II with CARNAGE.

They did them justice

By: itsmygenes
Impressed with the accurate representation. NOT a good guy but definitely hit the spot. Deadpool would be proud. Another accurate antihero representation.

Why critics hate this?

By: rickysayet
Well critics always say they are the best to judge movie. Sorry only we as fans know what best and what not best movie. And include this one too. I think nothing wrong with venom. It has great cast, tom hardy, great storyline i think. So what the problem. So whoever not yet watch this, i greatly recommend it to you, IGNORE critics.

Absolutely the best

By: orchidami
I don't know why people aren't going crazy over this movie. This was by far better than any of the other super heroe villain monster movies out there this year. Tom Hardy was great!!! When do we get to see Venom II?

Worth a watch

By: khristinebutler
Venom is a fun film for when you want some great action with some comedy thrown in there. Tom Hardy brings it as always and his comedic timing is great . Hardy is such a multi talented actor you really feel for all that his character Eddie Brock is going through. Michelle Williams does a fine job as ex fiancee but didnt really like the character. Anyways my oinion definately enjoyed it would recomend it.


By: Alexandru_Oneata
Totally fell for it and felt the need to write a review! This movie has successfully brought together the intense action that I knew it will have, the drama around the life story of Eddie and Venom and the comedy elements that made it even more enjoyable! Great cinematographic work!


By: golddigger-2
Loved this movie can't wait for number two I'm sensing a number two with Woody


By: aboood-36265
Amazing can't wait to season 2I'm so excitingAnd tom hardy was unbelievable


By: karmakerniloy
This is probably the most underrated film I have ever seen. The CGI, graphics everything was perfect, except the final fight's ending. Still its a great story.

Stand ovation to TOM HARDY. He wraps up into perfection.Its a must watch movie.

Best F&@#ing "anti-hero movie

By: robertmcsorleyjr
This and Deadpool are going to change the way super hero movies are made!!! Screw the critics, this movie is right up the comic book alleyway and I absolutely love Tom's performace as Eddie Brock! Buy this movie and enjoy the story of the real bada$$ symbiote known as Venom!

RIP Critics

By: dearbaby-19063
One Word Review- Blockbuster

just amazing..... full movie is entertaining. no boring scenes. Actions r just awesome.


By: mashearer
What a great film from start to finished . Hope they make a second one

This is incredible

By: alwankurniawan-32206
This movie is very fun, and entertaining. This movie will blow your mind and you must see this right now!

I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: lloydpanganiban
I just don't know what people don't like it. It's like a complete movie which I love to see the next part. I would love to see Venom in Avengers which won't happen sadly. He's a fun character and romantic. I love the twist in the end.


By: muhammadhatoum
A fast paced fun movie with an amazing performance by Tom Hardy and an accurate portrayal of Venom as an Ant-hero

Bad writing

By: Joufi89
The storyline is good but it seems like they left big chunks of the script out. Which made the movie feel rushed.After watching it I honestly felt robbed of a good movie.

This film would have been much better if it wasn't for the bad writing.

By: TheTopDawg
You would think one of the 5 (why?) writers could have gotten this right. Tom Hardy was amazing, the directing excellent, cinematography on point, V/SFX not bad, but the story was very loose and had plot and pacing issues. Venom's voice was also annoying. You would think the producers would have hired better writers instead of pathetically paying for almost every review on here 9 and above being fake (pretty much only film reviewed). I may have given this film a 7 or 8 out of 10, but only gets a 6 for the fake reviews. For me it could have been much better and deserving of the 9's and 10's had the writing been tighter. Nevertheless, still enjoyable, but sadly only a 6/10 from me, mainly for the fake reviews that piss me off.

Lazy and sloppy writing with okay effects

By: ruleof2187
See the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about.. Things didn't flow.. Situations were forced and poorly written.. Rushed movie..

Omg incredible film, ignore the bad reviews critics give this film.

By: josephmonaghan-34145
I personally think this is Tom Hardys finest next to The Revenant, best dialogue and performances ever I hope they make a sequel with Carnage ASAP because venom is not complete without the other which is Carnage but nonetheless great acting and good special, visual and motion capture effects especially to HARDY.

Venom is my spirit villain/anti hero/everyday average person!

By: gurlkic_ass
Idk about you but I am not a big super hero/villain fan but because my love ones are Marvel/DC and Tom Hardy fans, I went ahead to watch it with them. Boy I enjoyed every second of this film. Tom Hardy is not only funny but I can relate to him and his symbiote (not his parasite, never call him that) Venom! I love them both. Tom always plays serious and intimidating characters but in this movie, he is funny as hell especially his interactions with Venom. Now I am a certified Tom Hardy fan. There is no actor out there who can better portray this role. He was born for this role. The movie was a joy to watch, I got sad it finished too soon for me. I tend to ignore critics' reviews coz MY review matters most to me. I definitely will get the digital copy of this movie so I can watch it over and over whenever and wherever I want to watch. So for the ones who haven't watched it yet, better watch it now!