Reviews for The Vanishing ( 2018 ) 720p

Solid performances and authentic setting spoiled by jiggly-cam shots

By: ginocox-206-336968
The Vanishing (2018) creates a vividly authentic portrayal of life at a remote lighthouse in 1900. Every detail seems real, including the lighthouse, the boats, clothing, instruments, jars in the pantry, speech and attitudes. But they squander this sense of authenticity with incessant jiggly-cam shots. These are not minor trembles in areas where one might expect difficulty using a tripod or some other rigid mounting system, like the spiral staircase leading to the lamp. In an early scene, a character suffers motion sickness. The audience can easily relate. Later, we meet a physically imposing character, played by an actor they might cast in a fight scene against Dave Bautista. We wonder why they couldn't get that guy to hold the camera, instead of apparently recruiting a skinny eleven-year-old on a gyroscopic board. The only time the jiggly shots don't disrupt the audience's willful suspension of disbelief is during a pivotal scene that is so dimly lit that it's impossible to tell what's going on.

Rigid mounting systems require a lot more time and effort to set up the equipment, level the camera, make certain the actors hit their marks, et cetera, which forces the filmmakers to plan each shot. Properly done, it results in a tighter production. TV seems to drag a bit, as if it might have benefited from the careful planning entailed in using rigid mounts.

Performances by Gerald Butler, Peter Mullan and the other are excellent. Aside from sloppy camerawork and too much action occurring off-camera, production values are excellent.

I was waiting for a movie like this

By: italykhan
I thought I had seen too many movies and may be this is the reason I am getting bored with movies. But turned out it was an entertaing , suspense movie and I loved it very much. best movie of 2018 so far!

The amateur writing is clearly evident and failed this potentially great film

By: TheTopDawg
I get that this is a low budget Scottish film, but you would think at least just one of the 22 producers in this film would have complained about the plot-issue filled writing before rolling the cameras, and fine tuned the screenplay and final cut.

Actors turned first-time full length film writers Joe Bone and Celyn Jones had a great conceptual story to write a screenplay with, but they failed with the many plot issues, unanswered questions (Mercury?), unnecessary scenes and dialogue, long length, and slow pacing. Some scenes were either too long or short, too choppy or too fast.

Where this film deserves praise is Kristoffer Nyholm's directing in his first ever full length feature film. Camera angles, close-ups/distant shots and directing his cast were all on point.

Next praise goes to the outstanding score, which set the suspense and tension perfectly, and to the stunning setting visuals.

Then there were the decent performances by all cast, especially Gerard Butler, but I did have difficulty in many scenes understanding what they were saying (accent perhaps).

It's a shame such simple issues (e.g. hire a seasoned screenwriter to build on the story) weren't addressed, as I feel this film would have been near perfect. Nevertheless, still enjoyable and a well deserved 7/10 from me.

They could have done a lot more.

By: tjsuf
I think my biggest gripe with the how slow it gets kind of boring after the first act. I think I would have been more interested if in the beginning of the film they didn't tell you that all 3 men completely vanished. Why wouldn't you do that at the end...I literally was able to predict what was going to happen 10 minutes in. All in all, with the actors they had, this could have been a lot better if they added a little more imagination.


By: english_artist
This film was so slow it was painful to watch I actually set the movie on 2X speed and it seemed better.

I was really looking forward to watching this with Gerald Butler (who actually acted well) and lovely scenery which is the reason I give two stars. But the movie itself was poor. The idea was good and had lots of promise but it just dragged along and seemed to give up with no clear ending... actually the ending was terrible

Just shows you cannot go off peoples opinions. How it got 6 stars is beyond me

So much potential for a great story. Nothing delivered

By: boydpeters
Just a side arc that had very little to do with what we know.Ruined by a ridiculously violent narrative that added nothing beyond making the 3 protagonists unlikableSo sad. I hope someone does the story one day. It will be many times better.This was unwatchable

Vanish this from your playlist

By: kbohna
You go into this movie thinking it's going to have at least something good but you would be wrong. It's such a shame they made a good story from actual events but no one really knows what happened. All we do know is that three men were on an island and they disappeared watching The Watchtower and that is it the mystery has been there forever. So when I saw that someone had taken the time to maybe fill in the blanks I was excited but all they did is make a horrible movie the point where it doesn't even leave you satisfied in any way. I hope no one wastes their time with this film it is definitely that hopeless and more than anything disappointing. I literally almost stopped watching it part way through because the story was getting that disappointing and I had to force myself to watch the end which made me so upset I don't want to use the language I was thinking at the end of this film.

Disturbing drama

By: ozsud
This is not to entertain you, this is a serious movie and very dramatic, kept me thinking all night.After checking the internet, I found out that nobody knows what happened to these 3 men , so the story in the movie is based on fiction not reality.It's a great movie , Gerard Butler in his best performance to date away from the chuck Norris type of movies. He really deserves a nomination for this . You will not recognize him in this one.

The same old machine.

By: Jscooter414
I watch many films and try to find the good in them, but so many are made with a talented cast and do not deliver on what could have been. The story and maybe the direction do not have a good pace in drawing the viewer in, this movie already lets you know the people involved - went missing, so what is the point of this slow paced and predictable film, sorry I found it to fall into the same stuff that has become the norm, it explains why going to movie theaters has declined, what is the point.

Decent movie

By: stondexx
Giving this movie a rating of 2 or 3 is just wrong,plain and simple.Is it a great movie?No,but it certainly has a lot of positive qualities.The acting is great,Peter Mullan is amazing,the direction and the general vibe of the movie are also pretty good.The third act is the problem of this movie,if the writers did a better job this could have been a classic.

Initially intriguing but ultimately predictable

By: benjaminlauriesmith
The first few acts are intriguing but it quickly becomes a long drawn out tale which has a few twists and turns along the way but ultimately the ending is disappointingly predictable.For the last half hour of the movie it's obvious how it ends and in the final few minutes the movie seems to be taking another amazing twist and not ending predictably but sadly no.All in all the acting is superb as is the direction ,it's just the writing at the end that lets it down.It's a story that's been told before so that's what makes the ending predictable, which is a shame as it would have been a fine film otherwise for the formulaic ending.If you're under 21 then the ending may well come as a surprise but then I doubt the film will appeal to anyone under the age of 30

thou shalt not kill, i believe......

By: ops-52535
A very good perfomance by the 5 main actors, and a heavenly pleasantly filmed movie, with an kain and abel feverish moral,with all the signs of PTSD, and being caught up with other people on a desolate island, hiding the worst secrets a man can hide, a golden eye staring at them all the times, and the way they all deal with these on a personal cannot make judgements after just one screening,firstly because of the cinderblocklike scottish dialect, and secondly the very well hidden message behind this film. it is grueling at times,a bit slow too, but very recommendable.

Great to see Gerard Butler showing his true potential

By: byrnemikebyrne
Great to see Gerard Butler showing his true potential again opposite Peter Mullen, definitely a slow burner to start and doesn't really pick up but it suits the story and characters throughout. As the story moves along I found myself wanting it to speed up which gives it credibility as I wanted to know the outcome. Definitely worth a watch and not to be missed as some great performances by the three central characters.

Not grear

By: allisonbutler
A fan of Gerard Butler attracted us to the movie. Unfortunately a mediocre and the ending just bombed ??

Brilliant acting performance from Gerard Butler

By: omvladon-810-912482
Brilliant actinf, dark, intense and sad. A film about greed, regret and redemption.

scottish nicholas cage

By: porkchopgreasy-1
This is an abhorrent attempt at directing, sound, acting, visual effects and unbeknownst subplot of mercury poisoning.

Make up your own mind, avoid opinions of the brainless reviewer.

By: ludlummckenzie
This is a good old fashioned drama. It is not a blockbuster, not for the braindead. It is a good old factually based story. Worth watching. For " brainless " and " braindead " see comments by EJ.

Gripping thriller!

By: candsoutherland
The Vanishing did not disappoint me. This movie was gripping, horrifying and thrilling all at the same time. The cast was excellent and Gerard Butler was at his finest!!! I love his Scottish accent and his intensity and emotion. He is one beautifully talented man!!!

Not bad...

By: pardes2002
A good movie to watch as a one off... good acting by Gerald Butler

Good story, gripping!

By: coldbutsocold
Really enjoyed this one. Fantastic acting across the board. Really great suspense, choice of music, everything was perfect.

I really felt like I was on this lonely island in the middle of the raging ocean with the 3 characters, fighting against the unknown.

Was a great experience overall and I rate it 10/10 when wheighing it against the usual trash full of senseless violence and bloodshed; this one contains some of that for sure - but there is a great story to go side by side.